Poster advertising has the decisive advantage of reaching huge crowds in a short time. To place outdoor advertising that is highly visible against all kinds of backgrounds, we recommend weatherproof posters made of laminated water-resistant card stock or posters on blueback paper. The white paper is wood-free, weather-resistant and highly tear-proof. The reverse is dyed blue providing for high opacity and eliminating show-through. This allows a poster to be applied easily to corrugated plastic sheets or pasted on top of old posters in public places to show nothing but your advertising message. In our shop, you can print posters online using 115gsm blueback paper.


Art paper is the material of choice when it comes to printing posters for City-Light-posters, City-Light-towers or other weather-protected advertising mediums. This paper type has a coated surface which is sealed and hence absorbs significantly less ink than other paper types, resulting in more vibrant images.
By the way: Due to its coated surface, art paper is much heavier than other papers. Therefore, art paper is available from 100gsm compared to offset paper which can be ordered from 80gsm.


Poster printing that makes and impact and protects the environment: This is possible with our white recycled paper. According to the Umweltinstitut Mnchen, the production of recycled paper requires 60 percent less energy and nearly 70 percent less water. What is more, there are fewer emissions, less waste and no logging. All this makes recycled paper the perfect choice for ecologically-minded customers. Our white recycled paper combines ecological responsibility with efficient advertising. As with all our paper types, recycled paper yields a high-quality print result. Moreover, the naturally bleached white makes colours stand out from the page.