Printing custom T-shirts

Do you have a company event coming up and plan to print custom T-shirts? Then we have just what you need. Use personalised T-shirts made by Onlineprinters to professionally showcase your company and products and create a consistent look that will make a big impact at the next event. Custom printed T-shirts are great for countless occasions: whether trade shows, sports events, company parties, charity events or as staff uniform. We help you get your bespoke design on a T-shirt to take your marketing to the next level. We print your personalised design on the garment with great care and in top quality.

Print T-shirts and benefit from our varied selection

Browse through our web shop to find apparel and garments for women, men and children. We offer T-shirts across a wide range of styles and sizes to suit any taste. Our T-shirts are available in different colours to enable you to print personalised and unique T-shirts that fit in with your branding and are easily associated with your company. How about T-shirts printed with a cool message or punchy slogan?

A popular choice when printing corporate T-shirts or event apparel is to print a large design incorporating a slogan or text befitting the occasion on the back of the T-shirt and place the logo front and centre of the garment. It's up to you to decide where to put your artwork: We print your personalised design on the front and/or back of your T-shirts. Possible locations for your bespoke image, logo or text on the front of the T-shirt are either below the collar, on the left, right or central chest or on the belly depending on the style you order. Options to put your logo or image on the shirt back include the neck, the upper, central and lower back depending on the tee shirt.

Vibrant colours and easy care materials

We print our T-shirts in screen printing technology. This technique is ideal especially for printing T-shirts in bulk and delivers a brilliant print result in top quality. Screen printing is the perfect medium to implement complex and rich designs on T-shirts in great detail and vibrant colours. Whether you go for a subtle logo, eye-catching image, punchy brand slogan or bold marketing message all over the T-shirt, we help you make the most of your printing project. Most of the T-shirts we carry are made of 100 percent cotton. For more detailed information, refer to the product description of your T-shirt. The T-shirts can safely be washed at a maximum of 40 C without damaging the garment and the imprint. You can easily iron the printed T-shirts turned inside out to remove any wrinkles from washing.