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Double-sided colour print (4/4)

Premium saddle stitching

In quantities from 1 to 250 copies

Perfect for high-quality company presentations, club magazines, school newspapers, wedding newspapers, trade fairs, menus and mailings.

To make it as easy as possible for you and to avoid errors, we perform the imposition (arrangement of the pages on the sheet) for you.

Therefore, the individual pages of the contents (3, 4, 5…) must be created in sequence and may not be imposed in advance (e.g. 150/3, 4/149, etc. is incorrect). You can deliver the individual pages either all together in one PDF file or each page as an individual PDF, whichever is easier for you.

The important thing is: individual pages, no double pages! It should be noted here that almost all layout programs offer the option of a double-page display for layout. However, the pages in such programs are only displayed as double pages and are still single pages after export. You can of course use this option.



Data format (incl. 2.00 mm bleed): 21.40 x 30.10 cm

Trimmed size (open): 42.00 x 29.70 cm

Trimmed size (closed): 21.00 x 29.70 cm

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Production times

The production times listed apply – unless otherwise indicated upon receipt of your complete order (including printing data and payment) on working days before .

Brochures (short runs)4-5 working days 
 2-3 working days 
 Same Day submission deadline

The delivery time depends on the production and shipping times. Working days are Monday through Friday, NOT Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

Product configuration

Inner part


Additional cover

Paper finish

Paper finish inner part

Colors inner part

Color set

Data check

Production time

Memo list

€ 8,89 net
€ 10,93

Total price

Brochures (short runs), A4


135 gsm art print paper

Inner part:

8 pages



Additional cover:

no cover

Paper finish:

no selection

Paper finish inner part:

glossy coated

Colors inner part:

four colours

Color set:

ISO 12647-2 (PSO)

Data check:

without datacheck

Production time:

4-5 working days

Sum (net)

€ 8,89

23% VAT

€ 2,04

€ 0,00

Total price
incl. 23% VAT

€ 10,93

Shipment: approx. 4 working days, free standard shipping

Delivery approximately:

shipment by freight forwarder (depending on payment and print data receipt)

Total weight:
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